Questions & Answers

NOTE: If you have any questions during your stay - please don't hesitate to call us at: 406-889-5181

Q:    What is your refund policy?

A:    Because we're such a small operation we hope you'll understand why we have the following policy concerning our deposit and final rental payments.  After a week (or more) is reserved/rented/blocked it becomes unavailable for other guests to rent, as such, your $300 security deposit (for each rental week reserved), once placed, is nonrefundable (with the following exceptions listed below).

In the event of cancellation (prior to your final payment being made 45 days prior to your arrival), we will do everything we can (and hope you will too, if you know of anyone else who may want to take your rental week) to re-rent your previously reserved week.  If we're successful in re-renting your week your security deposit of $300 (for each rental week reserved and re-rented) would be returned in full once the new booking is confirmed.

After your final payment is made (at 45 days prior to your arrival - non-holiday and 60 days prior to your arrival - holiday) the above $300 security fee is converted to a "damage" deposit on the property and your final payment becomes nonrefundable.  In the event of cancellation, once the final payment has been made, we will again do everything we can to re-rent your previously reserved week.

In the event we're able to re-rent this week, your final payment and damage deposit would be returned in full.  If we're unable to re-rent your previously reserved week you would forfeit your entire final payment and your $300 damage deposit would be returned.  If you have any questions regarding this policy we encourage you to contact us, prior to reserving your week, by phone or email.

Q:    Your weekly rental rates are based on TWO people staying at The Eagle's Nest or The Montana Cabin.  Is there an additional charge for children or other guests?

A:    Yes. There is an additional charge of $10 (plus tax) per additional guest (including all children) per night while at either cabin.  Note:   For infants under the age of two, there is no additional charge.

Q:    If I vacation with my horse, is there a feed store nearby?

A:    There are feed stores located in Eureka and Libby/Whitefish/Kalispell where additional feed is available.   

NOTE:  There are also local veterinarians and farriers on call in the immediate area.

Q:  What are the requirements for bringing horses into Montana from another state?

A:  According to a local vet you would need a negative Coggins test, a current health certificate (they're good for 30 days from your vet), and a permit number issued by the State of Montana on the current health certificate.  Your vet would need to call 1-406-444-2976 to obtain the permit number.   Check with the State of Montana to obtain current information for transporting horses into the U.S. from Canada.

Q:  You're renting two cabin locations - The Eagle's Nest and The Montana Cabin are they close together?

A:  The Eagle's Nest and The Montana Cabin are in the same vicinity, but not right beside each other.  In fact, it will be pretty difficult to even see one cabin from the other.  Although they are located on the same 21+ acre property, they are separated by a small ridge in between and quite a few trees.   Because the cabins are in close proximity to each other, they'd make a great location for family reunions or business retreats!  Because other cabins are located in the area - please respect the peace, serenity, and privacy of other guests on our property and in the surrounding areas...We want your visit to be one of the most relaxing you've ever experienced!  

Q:    What type of cooking utensils and dishes does your cabin have?

A:    There are plenty of glasses, dishes, and utensils in the cabin to serve up to the maximum number of guests for each cabin (The Eagle's Nest = 2 sets and The Montana Cabin = 8 sets).  For cooking there is a regular cook set of normally found pots, pans, blender, mixer, and normally found cooking utensils...There's also cookie sheets if you're so inclined to bake some fresh cookies! 

In many cases, you may also find a normal assortment of spices for cooking (these shouldn't be counted on.) Additional condiments for cooking should be purchased locally.

Q:    What type of supplies does your cabin have?

A:    The bathrooms are fully stocked each week.  In addition, the cabin is supplied with dishwashing and liquid hand soap.  Because everyone has their own preferences on laundry detergent, fabric softener, and bath soap you should plan on purchasing this locally.  You should plan on bringing your own shampoo and conditioner.  Bath towels and bed linens are also supplied.  Note:  The Eagle's Nest cabin does not have a washer/dryer. 

Q:    Will I need a 4X4 to reach The Eagle's Nest or The Montana Cabin?

A:    Unless you're planning on going off-road, or exploring some of the high country jeep trails in the area, a normal car should meet all of your needs during non-winter months.  If visiting the area during the winter months (because of the potential for rapidly changing weather conditions) a 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended.

Q:    Do we need to bring our own BBQ grill?

A:    No, please do not.  We supply you with a gas BBQ on the deck.  For safety purposes please use this grill, and this grill only, for BBQ'ing.  No outside fires are allowed on the property.

Q:    If it gets cold at night, is there a fireplace?

A:    In The Eagle's Nest cabin there is a small wood stove with a small, initial supply of firewood.  For your convenience, The Eagle's Nest also has a thermostatically controlled vented propane wall heater.  There is a beautiful (thermostatically controlled) gas Soapstone Stove (with a front viewing window) in The Montana Cabin.  In addition, there's also thermostatically controlled in wall electric heaters in The Eagle's Nest and The Montana Cabin.  

Q:    How's the best way to locate additional information on the area...Hiking trails, ATM's/banks, medical facilities, grocery stores, places to eat, local trails?

A:   In each of our cabins, you will find "Welcome" booklet, that we have prepared as an information guide for our guests, on the kitchen table when you arrive.  It addresses all of these issues and much, much more.  In addition, the Eureka Ranger station (located on the north end of Eureka and right on Highway 93 - right hand side as you're heading south into Eureka) has tons of information about the local area.

Note:  When a deposit is placed - you will receive a copy of our "Welcome" booklet and directions to your cabin - so you'll have a chance to look this information over prior to your arrival.

Q: Is the Hot Tub/Spa easy to use and operate?

A: Yes. Please see the specific instructions on hot tub/spa operation inside your Welcome Booklet. The only issue we've ever had is a guest moving the spa out of ST-Standard Mode into SL-Sleep Mode (which stops the spa from heating) and the spa will cool down. If this happens there are extremely easy-to-follow instructions inside your Welcome Booklet. If necessary, please just give us a call and we can walk you through what needs to be done.

Q:    What kind of wildlife could we expect to see in the area?

A:    From your deck chances are you'll see eagles and osprey in flight.  We've seen deer and elk (especially during the winter months) on the property at various times of the year.  In the area, you may also get a glimpse of the numerous wild turkeys that are sometimes right along the road.  In the backcountry it wouldn't be uncommon to see deer, elk, black bear, and moose. And, in the backcountry and scenic areas, if you're real lucky, you may even see a grizzly bear, mountain lion or wolf - although this is very rare.

Q:    What's the parking situation like?

A:    There's room for parking two to three vehicles at The Eagle's Nest or The Montana Cabin...There's also plenty of parking by the pasture area for your horse trailers and boat trailers while staying at The Eagle's Nest and The Montana Cabin. 

Q:  Do you allow pets in your cabins?

 A.  PLEASE ASK IN ADVANCE FOR PERMISSION TO HAVE A DOG AT THE CABIN.  IF PERMITTED, ONE, WELL TRAINED, WELL BEHAVED DOG WILL BE ALLOWED.  Because of the quality of our homes - if you bring and/or allow your pet on the furniture you will forfeit your deposit.  Please be sure and pick around the immediate cabin area after your pet; failure to do so may result in additional fees from our cabin/set-up crew.

Q:  Are boats available for fishing in the area?

A:  Yes, fishing (either lake or fly fishing) boats for charter or individual use, are available for rental in the area on many of the larger lakes and rivers.  If you wish, you can bring your own boat with you and park it at the pasture area  - there are many fishing and water skiing lakes in the surrounding area.  For Lake Koocanusa there is a beautiful boat launch and it's within a 1/4 mile of the lower pasture parking area.  Sophie Lake, Glen Lake, or Dickey Lake for fishing or skiing are all within a short drive.  There is also a new marina just south of your location (off of Highway 37) just follow the signs.

Q:  Are laundry facilities nearby?

A:  For your convenience, a washer and dryer are located in The Montana Cabin.  The Eagle's Nest cabin does not have a washer/dryer...there is a Laundromat in Eureka if necessary.  Because most people have their own preferences on detergent and fabric softener, please plan on purchasing these items locally. 

Q:  You have an initial security and damage deposit, is this refundable?

A:  Yes under most conditions.  About the only way you could put your initial security deposit at risk would be not to make your full payment as required.   In the event you don't make your required payment on the final payment dates, or you have to cancel your reservation, once the deposit is made, you would put your deposit at risk.  We will make every attempt to re-rent your originally requested dates to another party - In the event we are able to re-rent your originally requested dates - your initial security deposit would then be returned in full.  This payment converts to a damage deposit once your final payment (paid in full 45 days prior to your arrival) is paid and serves as a damage deposit at that time for the cabin.  At this same time your entire final payment becomes nonrefundable (in the event of cancellation).  We will do everything we can to re-rent your week, in the event you cancel within 45 days prior to your arrival - but, keep in mind that if we are unable to re-rent your week you will forfeit your entire final rental fees and the only monies returned would be the $300 that converted to a damage deposit upon payment of your final rental payment.  In the event that anything is broken, or damaged, during your stay - any repair, or replacement cost would be deducted from your deposit.   In addition, you would forfeit your entire deposit in FULL in the event you bring a pet (dog/cat, etc.) to your cabin and it is allowed INSIDE the cabin for any reason without prior permission.  You would also forfeit your deposit in FULL if anyone smokes while INSIDE the cabin.  Due to the forested area around the cabins, along with other neighbors in the area - you would also forfeit your deposit in the event you discharge any fireworks and/or firearms of any nature anywhere on the property.  In addition, outside fires, on the property, are NOT allowed under any circumstances.  

Q:  You have a $100 cleaning fee for each cabin - What does this cover and could I ever be charged an additional fee?

A:  The expectation is that you'll leave your cabin very close to the same condition you found it.  If the cleaning crew has to take additional time to clean your cabin (based on our experience with previous guests) or the area out site your cabin, you may forfeit your damage deposit.  As an example, if food items are not picked up from the carpeted areas and we're required to complete additional cleaning (based on dirt, sand, food items, spills, etc) and we have to complete a "deep" cleaning of the carpet as a result - you would incur the additional fee above.  If you spill numerous items on the floor, or in the refrigerator, and fail to clean them up (requiring additional cleaning above and beyond the norm) prior to your departure you would be charged an additional fee.  If items are cooked on, or in, the stove and allowed to boil over without cleaning it up you would incur an additional fee.  If any of the pots, pans, dishes, glasses, silverware, etc...are not cleaned prior to your departure you will incur an additional cleaning fee.  Dishes and glasses can be cleaned and left to dry in the rack next to the sink and the cleaning crew will put these away for you.  The above does not include having to do anything with your linens and towels...These can either be left in place to be stripped from the beds, or can be left in a pile in the entry for the cleaning crew.  The hot tubs/spas are available for your use, but you are expected to keep them clean while using them and to keep the covers in place when not in use.  In the event the spa/hot tub needs to be drained, cleaned and re-filled at the end of your stay - you would be charged a $100 fee as a result.  If you have worn a bathing suit in local waters - please rinse off thoroughly prior to getting in the hot tub.

In almost all cases the cabins have been taken very good care of during everyone's visit - we ask that you leave them in as close to the same condition as when you arrived as it would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE:  We also ask that if any futons are used during your stay - that you return them to their original upright position.

Q:  Is smoking allowed inside the cabin?

A:  No smoking is allowed INSIDE the cabin for any reason...This is one way that you will forfeit your entire deposit.  Please smoke outside the cabin only.  In addition, because of fire danger, please be sure and dispose of your cigarette butts properly.  Outside the cabin there is a container specifically provided for your cigarette butts.  Unless inside the above mentioned container, please do not leave any cigarette butts on the property...Thank you!

Q: Is there a television available at the cabins?

A:  Yes.  At present, for The Eagle's Nest, and The Montana Cabin and there is a DVD player attached in the event you need to watch a movie.

Q: Can you give an idea of what the local weather is like?

A:  Yes.  Here's a table with the average temperature by month - remember these are averages in degrees Fahrenheit...It's also important to note that humidity in our area of the country is extremely low.  Our weather in the area can vary quite a bit from day-to-day and we cannot make any guarantees as to what type of weather you may experience in the area.


 Average High

 Average Low

 January 28.5 13.4
 February 38.5 20.6
 March 47.6 25.8
 April 59.0 32.4
 May 68.7 39.6
 June 76.3 45.6
 July 84.9 48.9
 August 83.2 47.5
 September 71.9 39.6
 October 57.1 32.0
 November 40.1 25.2
 December 30.6 17.3